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PORT OF T脫RSHAVN | Joins environmental port index

Updated: Feb 27

Port of T贸rshavn Sets Sail for Sustainability with Environmental Port Index Membership.

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In late 2023, T贸rshavn welcomed Even Husby and Jon Olav Stedje to introduce the Environmental Port Index (EPI) to key stakeholders. Representatives from the Port of T贸rshavn, alongside various Faroese ports, destination companies, government agencies, and local politicians, were briefed on the benefits of EPI. Insights from EPI's seven-year experience and implementation in Norwegian ports since 2019 were also shared.

Following constructive discussions, T贸rshavn has officially joined the EPI network, recognizing its potential to enhance cruise port development and benefit the聽destination. This decision underscores the port's dedication to sustainable maritime operations and eco-conscious cruise tourism.

Hanus Mikkelsen, Port Director of the Port of T贸rshavn, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting T贸rshavn's dedication to fostering a sustainable maritime future through its engagement with the Environmental Port Index (EPI). He emphasized that this partnership represents a notable progression in their commitment to environmental preservation and operational transparency across the North Atlantic region. Furthermore, they anticipate utilizing the insights offered by the EPI to promote a more sustainable cruise industry, reinforcing T贸rshavn's reputation as a premier destination and a trailblazer in environmentally conscious port management practices.

Even Husby, CEO of EPI, emphasized the partnership's aim to refine environmental impact assessments for cruise ship management, ultimately leading to significant environmental benefits.

Strategically positioned in the North Atlantic, the Port of T贸rshavn is renowned for its scenic beauty and cultural heritage, making it a must-visit destination for cruise ships.

The Environmental Port Index (EPI), developed in collaboration with DNV and numerous shipping industry experts, aims to enhance operational efficiency of both ship owners and port operators while minimizing environmental impact. With a network spanning 30 North Atlantic ports, EPI is an vital tool for advancing environmental management practices in cruise destinations worldwide.

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BFI L媒sing - Storm l铆til (470 x 140 px).png
BFI L媒sing - Storm l铆til (470 x 140 px) (1).png
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