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Navigare Shipping

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During the last years, Navigare have expanded significantly and today we own 13 ships, and at present time we operate 3 additional ships. We operate all over Northern Europe.

We have about 195 people employed. (2022)

The head office is in the Faroe Islands, Søldarfjørður, and is operated by 15 employees. The operational office is in Norway, Flekkefjord, and is operated by 8 employees. And in Scotland the Logistics office is in Glasgow, with 2 employees.

(Credit: Navigare Shipping)

The company was founded by the Højgaard family in 1966 with one dredger vessel called “Pilot”. In the beginning the company’s focus area was dredger vessels, but has gradually moved to general cargo vessels.

Picture of MEST Shipyard in Tórshavn

(Credit: Navigare Shipping)


Logistic solutions

Navigare Logistics are providers of complete logistical solutions, with main focus on bulk and break-bulk commodities. We offer our customers tailor-made solutions for the whole supply chain.


Our experienced team of shipbrokers has a close relationship with all the major actors in the European short-sea market, and we strive to offer our clients the most profitable solutions possible.


Navigare Logistics agency department offer competitive, first class services along the entire Norwegian coast , for both ships and cargo owners.


Our fleet of ships consists of flexible and efficient ships in all sizes from 1.000 tons up to 6.000 tons. Most vessels are fitted with gear and able to self load and self discharge bulk and bagged commodities.

Storage In our Bulk Terminal we are able to store , and distribute all kinds of bulk and break-bulk commodities.

Maritime consultants

With decades of experience in all above mentioned fields of expertise , we can assist as consultants in maritime projects.

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Vikmar live vessel tracker

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