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Sjónám Maritime College

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Sjónám is a Maritime College located in the city of Klaksvik, Faroe Islands. It is a merger between the former 'Klaksvíkar Sjómansskúli' (Nautical College), and the former 'Trygdarmiðstøðin' (Maritime Safety Centre), and operates under the management of the 'Technical College of Klaksvík', Faroe islands.

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'Klaksvíkar Sjómansskúli' (Nautical College), which began as a private school in 1947 and became a public school in 1975, has been offering a wide variety of internationally approved courses since its early days, enabling seafarers to navigate coastal waters as well as deep sea waters.

In October 2012, the merger with the 'Trygdarmiðstøðin' (Maritime Safety Centre) was complete and all this activity moved under one roof by Klaksvík’s west quay, and Sjónám was established as the city’s maritime college.

Since its inception, Sjónám Maritime College has focused on providing a good blend of high quality, updated education degrees, relevant courses and good variety to its students. Including a wide range of navigational courses along with additional programmes and various safety courses, updated to the needs of the new international navigational era.

(Credit: Sjónám in Klaksvík, Faroe Islands)


Sjónám is approved by the Faroese Ministry of Culture as a maritime college in compliance with the STCW convention and as the Faroese national representative of the International Association for Safety and Survival Training (IASST), granted ISO 9001 certification on 5 September 2008 and Achilles certification in December 2013.


Education and degrees at Sjónám Maritime College


As a skipper, you have the ultimate responsibility of the ship. This includes ensuring that working procedures and operations comply with the law. You are also responsible for the work environment, safety conditions on board and safe shipping on clean oceans. We offer limited navigational certifications with competance up to 3.000 BRT.

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Sjónám offers the rating / Able Seafarer Education annually. The program will go ahead provided the application of a minimum of 4 participants in the program.

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Courses at Sjónám Maritime College


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