PETUR LARSEN | We have entered a cooperation with DTU 🤝

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Petur Larsen new development department, has got off to a good start. There are several exciting development projects underway and even more in the pipeline. We are also pleased that some customers have already placed concrete projects at us.

✅ To be able to do research and development, you have to develop yourself!

Therefore, lately, we have entered into many collaboration agreements with relevant partners.

Today we have entered into another collaboration agreement, this time with DTU - Technical University of Denmark. We have become DTU Business Hub Executive Partner.

With the partnership agreement, we at Petur Larsen, among other things, can draw on DTU's competencies and network.

We see great opportunities in the collaboration and look forward to getting started with the first workshop, which deals with vision or alternative technology in the whitefish industry.

After the meeting, we got a picture taken with Dorthe Skovgaard Lund from DTU and my colleague Kaare, outside DTU's premises in Kongens Lyngby.


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