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MEST SHIPYARDS | Farming Service Vessel to Scottish Salmon Company

MEST delivers Farming Service Vessel to Scottish Salmon Company

In competition with 10 international shipyards in Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Scotland and the Faroe Islands MEST Shipyard won a major re-building project for Bakkafrost in June 2021. The rebuilt vessel M/S “Bakkanes” was delivered mid-September.

(Picture 📸 MEST Shipyards)

Bakkafrost purchased the Norwegian supply vessel Viking Athene in order to repurpose it to a farming service vessel (FSV). The vessel will operate in Scotland for Bakkafrost’s subsidiary Scottish Salmon Company.

The rebuild project included a number of adjustments and modifications – ie. all timber and steel was removed from the deck and be made ready for the installation of the FLS-delousing system. A new A-Frame was manufactured and installed by MEST. 4 Melcal cranes and winches were also installed. Some changes and adjustments were also made in accomodation and on the bridge.

“We are very pleased to have solved the design and installation work successfully for Bakkafrost. We are a bit proud to have won and delivered this ambitious project for Bakkafrost’s Scottish operation – and wish them best of luck.” Mouritz Mohr, CEO, MEST Shipyard, said.

MEST Shipyard has more than 120 years of shipbuilding and shiprepair experience with 500 employees, 2 yards and 1 stainless steel workshop. MEST has rebuilt and built a large number of vessels of the years – including the rebuilding of Bakkafrost’s service vessel “MS Róland” – as well as a number of their catamaran workboats. Last December the advanced Research/Survey vessel was built and delivered to the Faroese Government. The vessel “Jákup Sverri” is probably one of the most advanced vessels in the world.

(Pictures 📸 MEST Shipyards)


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BFI Lýsing - Storm lítil (470 x 140 px).png
BFI Lýsing - Storm lítil (470 x 140 px) (1).png
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