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NAVIGARE | Green shipping

Updated: May 14, 2023

On Thursday 23/3-23 Viridis Bulk Carriers arranged both a project meeting for all partners in Flexbulk-NH3 Power as well as an Ammonia Powered Shipping Seminar in Sandefjord.

In the morning, the partners in the "Flexbulk-NH3 power" project were gathered to update the project, the way forward and that there were good discussions on how to cooperate in the best possible way to decarbonize the maritime logistics chain.

This is a unique project that brings with it the entire value chain from technology, fuel, bunkering terminals and ship design to the shipping company and 8 cargo owners - Elkem, Yara International , BioMar Norge, FranzefossMinerals, Saltimport , Viken AT Market , Stema Shipping , Vestkorn.

The ambitious goods owners want to decarbonise their logistics chain and want to be driving forces to achieve environmentally friendly shipping where the cargo can be anything from fertiliser and fish feed to crushed stone, peas and timber. It's all about collaboration!

In the afternoon there was the Ammonia Powered Shipping Seminar, where our broad partners participated. There were external presentations covering the following topics: · Development of a carbon-free ammonia value chain with associated bunkering technology / solutions · Market presentation on the European short sea bulk market · Update on the work of the IMO around "Interim Guidelines for the Safety of Ships Using Ammonia as Fuel" · Inclusion of the maritime sector in ETS as well as ship-emission regulations from a commercial point of view · Development of propulsion technology using ammonia as fuel

The evening ended with a guided tour and dinner at Midtåsen.

Viridis Bulk Carriers want to be one of the first world to use ammonia, a zero carbon fuel, and are very pleased with the cooperation we have throughout the value chain.

Lets Make It Happen! #letsdecarboniseshippingnow

The industry and customers are ready - Politicians - are you?

(Photos 📺 Navigare)


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BFI Lýsing - Storm lítil (470 x 140 px).png
BFI Lýsing - Storm lítil (470 x 140 px) (1).png
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