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VÓNIN | The 1856 Seagull trawl

Christian í Grótinum has been in Icelandic waters fishing for Herring and the fish is being discharged in Fuglafjørður.

(Photo 📸 Nordsø

The trawl that they use to catch the Herring is the well proven 1856 Vónin Seagull trawl, which is designed to swallow large shoals.

(Photos 📸 Vónin)

Swallowing large shoals

This pelagic trawl net has hexagonal meshes in the front sections and a wide and long belly therefore is capable of swallowing large shoals. This pelagic trawl is exceptionally well suited for targeting herring, as well as having shown very good results on mackerel.

Midwater and surface trawling

Made with the strength needed to cope with the demands of high-volume pelagic fishing, Vónin’s Seagull trawl is a proven design that provides excellent results in the midwater zone, but also performs well in the surface.

Versatile all-round pelagic trawl design

Over the last ten years, the Seagull has been easily the most popular trawl for herring with the Faroese pelagic fleet, and customers keep returning to us for this highly efficient and versatile all-round pelagic trawl net design.


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BFI Lýsing - Storm lítil (470 x 140 px).png
BFI Lýsing - Storm lítil (470 x 140 px) (1).png
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